Brand Campaign

ROLE: Concept, copywriter

Create a taste campaign, which basically means flowing chocolate, in an interesting and modern way.

But Galaxy do flowing chocolate ads. So this is about more than that. It's about primacy. It's about Cadbury being the only chocolate worth considering.
In short, Chocolate IS Cadbury.

This was Cadbury Ireland's biggest ever integrated marketing campaign for Dairy Milk. No pressure.

We decided to bring Cadbury's icons to life with a sense of scale and drama. Cadbury is the don of chocolate brands, so it was important to go out there with confidence.

In 2012, the campaign won gold at AdFX, Ireland's advertising effectiveness awards.

The original script [see below] ended with the word chocolate. There was no mention of the brand name. After all, if Chocolate IS Cadbury, then there is simply no need. This twist got taken out of the campaign... Until 2013, when the original outdoor concepts finally ran. Click on the images to see some in situ shots.



In a dreamlike purple environment, a glass and a half of milk is pouring from a height. 
Only it’s not pouring at all. It’s frozen in time. 
We fly around it, taking in every detail and exploring its stasis.

Moving downward, we see that it is a millimetre from making contact with some delectable flowing chocolate. 
The chocolate glistens in its still state, rich and smooth and mouthwatering.
The scene is stopped right at the moment before the two meet. 
Wait. there's movement there, barely perceptible. We move forward along the scene. 
At one point, the river of chocolate has been paused as it solidifies into squares.

The camera moves out to reveal the scene in its entirety. 
Everything is connected, from milk to liquid chocolate to solid chunks; 
A diorama of chocolate in various states, impossibly still, defying gravity. 
It starts to move, to flow, to collapse.

A square of solid chocolate drops from above and breaks into two with a deep rumble. 
Particles fly outwards like fireworks in slow motion. Shining gold foil dominates the frame, 
its edge rising up in the air forming a horizon.
It's as if we’re descending beneath the surface of a wave as we dip beneath it.

The foil glistens and envelopes an emergent bar, hugging the unmistakable shape of the squares. 

Finally, we can see a word in familiar white typography: Cadbury... wait.

There has never been any mention of Cadbury at all.

It actually just says Chocolate.