Dublin Airport
Terminal 2 Launch

ROLE: Concept, copywriter.

In the midst of recession, the expensive new terminal at Dublin Airport could have been seen as an extravagance and a waste of tax payers' money.

In more prosperous times, this world-class building would have been met with pride, so we were asked to encourage the Irish public to take ownership of the new terminal, and to see it as an investment in their own future.

Why not change the conversation from one about a building into one about what that building represents, and what it will allow us to do as a nation.

Being a small country, we have always punched above our weight internationally. And being an island, we need Dublin Airport to provide a gateway to the world so we can continue to do so.

Shark Awards Silver
Shark Awards Bronze
ICAD Bronze

Due to its optimistic message, the ad received a large amount of free traditional, online, and social media coverage. The full 60 second ad was played by Ryan Tubridy on his prime time show on Ireland's national radio station RTÉ:

It also featured unsolicited on; The Panel - RTÉ 2 Television; The Ray D'Arcy Show - Today FM; Liveline - RTÉ Radio1(3 times between Sep 2010 and Feb 2011). After that it spawned an inevitable parody, and some other things that I'm frankly not sure how to describe.


This is great... when you listen to all the guff and how much we seem to be having a lot of self loathing. I’ll just play the ad
— Ryan Tubridy (The Late Late Show host)
Also tipped by many [as the ad of the year 2010] – and my personal favourite, was the slick ad made by Publicis QMP for the new terminal at Dublin Airport. It still managed to deliver a feelgood factor thanks to its cleverness.
— Sunday Business Post
That is one of the best ads around I’m proud to be Irish
— YouTube
Well done on making people proud of this small country in a big ocean
— Twitter
...it’s nice to remind ourselves – Ireland still rocks. Thankfully we’re more than bond markets, Anglo and NAMA.
— Blogger
We all need to keep reminding ourselves that this is our country and we have achieved so much in spite of any government asses, love this ad!
— Facebook