Here's a small selection of my work as a freelancer. As we all know, some chancers will grab credit for any work within sniffing distance. But I want to go to doggie heaven, so I've made sure to give props to the full-time creatives and to include a bit of context to clarify how I was involved in each case.


Rugby World Cup 2015

R/GA London
Summer 2015

Contact: Creative Directors, Ciaran McCarthy and Edwin Latchford.
Helped out with some script writing for the England film. Check out the spots for France and New Zealand too. They're brilliant.

R/GA London
5 Weeks: Spring 2014

Contact: Creative Directors, Ciaran McCarthy and Edwin Latchford.
Brought in as cover for Edwin, mainly for script development. There was also OOH and online activation work, and I helped out with some of the pre-pro decisions. Of course, I can't take credit for the concept or any of the Cannes Lions. But I am delighted to have been involved, and that 'Old Lady Tit-tatt' and a bunch of other scenes made the cut.

World Cup 2014

3 Months: Summer 2013

Contact: Creative Director, Shay Madden and Strategy Director, Paul Hughes
Brought in early in the process. Helped Paul and Shay draft the new brand bible and then wrote the original scripts. Came back again to draft the final script. Full-timer John McMahon took over from preproduction onwards, and he and Shay did a fantastic job, as is their wont.


Publicis Dublin
1 Week: Spring 2015

Contact: Creative Director, Ger Roe and Managing Director, Padraig Burns.
Had just helped the guys run the creative on a successful pitch for Bord Gáis (a national energy company). So we decided to go for the double. Worked with them to develop several concepts, including the winning one. Before moving on to R/GA, I was responsible for the new tag-line, original script and weighing in on director's treatments. The final draft of the script, shot later that year, is the fine work of ECD, Ronan Nulty.